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Reika's thread is a note,cell,element and cosmos

Embroidery Rei Style StringArt

September 2nd Registered the trademark "String Art"

I love to embroid as if the thread were alive.Weaving in love, dreams, joy and sadness
challenging the limits of expression,so as to weave in the very dramas of life.
When asked the style of my work, I feel cramped and all boxed in.
My works though based in French embroidery are a free expression
and utilize threads from around the world.
It’s been mistaken for Japanese and I‘ve even been told it looks like Chinese Suzhou embroidery
But I was set free of this categorization from the moment I named my work “String Art”.

String though also meaning thread is the name of that core element of musical instruments
such as the piano, violin, viola and cello.
They are dramatic and strong
Their sounds mingle together as each string calls to the other and as the other responds
Each one’s sound, like each thread’s color, pile upon one another light,
inviting the threads to a new world as they speak to one another,
sing and dance and play in vivid colored light.

These threads of a dream weave a brand new life,
just as each sound stacked upon the other forms into a chord.
And as those sounds meet one another a beautiful harmony is born.
Each stitch is a note the thread leading the melody
across the surface of the fabric which is the paper of the music.

One thread becomes the vibrant surface
which becomes radiant and that radiance is the heart of embroidery.
Shadows are born from layers of light. The light and shadows birth expression

The world of thread expression is limitless.
Each stitch weaves in and out in a 2 dimensional world
and transcends beyond into a 3 and 4 dimensional world
leading me into a rich and abundant realm of dreams.

The pleasant luxury of this handcraft.
The world of embroidery; an opportunity for self-expression which is full of dreams.

Poetic Dream Embroidery World String Art

Created by
Reika Yoshimoto, Embroidery Artist

2004 Autumn

Copyrigh ReikaYoshimoto All Right Reserved